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HI-TEK Paving Services will meet ADA and city code requirements

Do you want to make the driveway at your business a one-way street? Do you need to designate parking spaces for individuals with disabilities? HI-TEK Paving Services offers fast and affordable parking lot striping and pavement marking services. We're based in Dallas, Forney and Mesquite, TX, but we can work at businesses all over northern Texas.

Get in touch with us now to go over your pavement marking needs with our residential and commercial paving experts.

3 ways parking lot striping will improve your property

3 ways parking lot striping will improve your property

Why should you apply pavement markings on your parking lot? Consider these three benefits:

  1. You can reserve areas for emergency vehicles.
  2. You'll improve visibility in your parking lot.
  3. You'll increase safety for pedestrians and drivers.
We'll make sure the parking lot striping adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act and city code requirements. Contact us right away for more information on our parking lot striping services in Dallas, Forney and Mesquite, TX.