Patch Up Your Asphalt Features

Hire us for residential and commercial asphalt repairs in Dallas & Forney, TX or beyond

Over the years, your pavement takes a lot of abuse. The good news is that you don't have to completely replace your parking lot to make it look like new. Contact HI-TEK Paving Services for asphalt repair services in the Dallas & Forney, TX area. We can patch up areas that have extensive damage.

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Take a look at our process

Take a look at our process

We use proven asphalt repair methods to make your features like new. During our asphalt repair process, we'll:

  • Use a jackhammer or saw to remove the existing asphalt
  • Dispose of the old asphalt properly
  • Apply a coat of liquid asphalt binder
  • Install and compact the new asphalt
In some cases, we'll also apply a fog seal to lengthen the asphalt's life span. Call us right away at 214-908-9641 to schedule asphalt repair services in Dallas & Forney, TX or the surrounding area.