For Long-Lasting Asphalt Features

Turn to us for seal coating in Dallas & Forney, TX and surrounding areas

Applying a seal coat to your asphalt will lengthen its life span. HI-TEK Paving Services offers asphalt seal coating services for business owners in Dallas & Forney, TX and beyond.

If your asphalt pavement is old, seal coating will replace its lost fine particles. Your asphalt features will look better than ever. It'll also be easier to paint lines and other markers.

Hire us now to improve the look of your asphalt features.

Benefits of seal coating

Benefits of seal coating

Applying a layer of seal coat comes with a number of advantages. Along with lengthening the life of the asphalt, seal coating:

  • Stops water from seeping through the surface of the pavement
  • Protects the top layer from oxidation and wear
  • Smooths and evens out pavement

Avoid the need to completely replace your asphalt features. Reach out to us today for asphalt seal coating at your business in Dallas & Forney, TX or the surrounding area.